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SHAZUH envisions “being the best HR Company in Pakistan for its employees and entry level staff through growth, development and motivation. To have a career plan for all.”

SHAZUH believes that ‘excellence’ is a continuous journey, best travelled through unwavering commitment and consistent performance. As a team, SHAZUH ensures that all initiatives, programs and services are aligned with its overall business strategy.

The HR department is divided into two critical areas i.e., HR Business Partners (HRBPs) and Center of Excellence (HR Specialists). This structure aims to facilitate the HR role of closely aligning people and processes with group strategy and creating value.

Our unique, asset-light business model underlies all of the strategic decisions we make. It has proved highly successful, allowing SHAZUH us to swiftly adapt to challenging market conditions, execute last-mile delivery solutions and quickly respond to changing customer preferences.

Unprecedented business growth and expansion of the service portfolio requires building a strong employer brand. HR’s aim, therefore, is solely focused on identifying, attracting and taking onboard top talent to effectively meet SHAZUH’S business needs. The dynamic three-pronged talent acquisition strategy holistically takes care of the career mapping of indigenous talent (promoting from within), senior level expertise from industry and induction of fresh talent from top-tier local and international academic institutions. The strategy additionally establishes and sustains a high-potential talent pipeline, which not only caters to immediate hiring needs, but also builds towards a continuous and long-term association with high performing professionals as well as prospects.

SHAZUH Express is a leading logistics service provider in Asia & European Pacific. We have always valued quality Human Resource and welcome applications from ambitious and hardworking individuals looking for better career prospects from any part of the world. SHAZUH Express believes that a team of competent professionals is our biggest asset and THE best investment. We have and always will invest in quality Human Resource, with fresh graduates and young individuals always on the preferred list.

The Center of Excellence, combined with HR Business Partner model facilitates the SHAZUH family through geographically positioned HR Business Partners and their respective teams in the regions. The Center of Excellence includes

HR Strategy & Research

Talent Acquisition

HR Governance & Legal

Compensation and Rewards

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